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Buy Wholesale Brass | USA Brass Company, Inc. : Bozeman, MT

USA Brass Company always has the wholesale brass you need. With thousands of pounds of brass available, the size of your order makes no difference. If you need it, USA Brass Company can supply it. We can supply almost any size of brass you need, and in just about any quantity you need. USA Brass Company supplies brass in many different calibers, to satisfy just about any hand loader out there.

Whether it is pistol brass like 9mm, .45 ACP, .357/.38 or unusual sizes like the .50 Action Express, we have your brass. We also offer a selection of rifle brass, including the high-demand .223. Market conditions are brutal for the .223 right now, and hand loading is one way to beat the retail price.

Call USA Brass Company today, and let us show you what we can do. Regardless of your requirements for top quality brass, we have the capabilities you have been looking for. USA Brass Company can fill the largest brass orders with no problem. We have the experience, the inventory and the drive to meet all your reloading requirements, no matter how much brass you need. We process thousands of pounds of brass on a constant basis.

We look forward to your business, and we are certain of your satisfaction. Our highest goal is to ensure your complete success in meeting all of your reloading needs.

USA Brass Company also buys your brass. If you have excess brass, ask how to help us keep the shooting and hunting community supplied with high quality brass for reloading. Offset your hand loading costs by selling your brass to USA Brass Company.

Give us a call or email us today, and give us the chance to serve all your wholesale ammo brass needs.

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