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USA Brass is quality once fired brass, 223 brass and wholesale brass. We buy brass!

Superior brass for all your reload needs! High quality wholesale ammo brass.

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Once Fired Brass | USA Brass Company, Inc.

USA Brass Company supplies quality once fired brass to reloaders who require the best brass they can get their hands on. Our close attention...

223 Brass | USA Brass Company, Inc.

With 223 brass currently in high demand, it can be difficult to find enough brass to meet all of your batch requirements. While brass....

Wholesale Ammo | USA Brass Company, Inc.

USA Brass Company always has the wholesale brass you need. With thousands of pounds of brass available, the size of your order makes no difference.

Top quality once fired brass by USA Brass means top quality hand loads.

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Located in Bozeman, Montana, USA Brass Company is the highest quality source for all your reloading needs. We have the brass you are looking for, including once fired brass, 223 brass and wholesale ammo brass. We lead the industry in quality, reconditioned brass, and that is because we pay attention to detail. The only reason we are in business is to provide the top quality brass required by the most discriminating hand loaders. Our purpose is to provide all the top quality brass you need to create your one of a kind hand load, in whatever quantity you desire.

Reloaders needing quality brass for hand loading that special cartridge can be assured of the highest quality reconditioned brass, to suit every reloading need. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to your reloading success. USA Brass Company carefully cleans polishes and inspects all of our high quality brass to exacting standards, and we provide a top grade product that you can depend on.

Are you having a hard time finding enough brass to suit your needs, because of the current high demand in the market? We solve that problem for you at USA Brass Company, where hard to find .223 brass is our specialty. We can always meet your requirements, regardless of your desired quantity. We process thousands of pounds of brass on a constant basis, and provide the finest brass on the market.

Ask us how we can help you fulfill your requirements for top quality brass. We sort, clean and prepare our brass by the barrel full, which means we can meet any need. The staff at USA Brass Company has the experience and dedication it takes to handle all of your reloading needs. We will always fashion a product that will suit the most demanding hand loaders.

USA Brass Company also deals in Handy Sharp edge sharpening tools. We carry both pocket and key fob versions, so you can ensure a sharp blade any time you need it, and wherever you need it. Handy Sharp products work great for knives, scissors and many other edged instruments.